Who is Larone?


  Larone aka Toby Hack is an Australian living in Lyon France and has been a creative  since way back. He was interested in art as a child and was always drawing something. He also had a musical ear, which is what eventually took over. He chose to follow the path of music (and is still going) and left the pencils and paper behind until around 2009, when he  started to teach himself graphic design on-line, as he wanted to make  his own band band artwork and CD covers etc with photoshop. This turned him onto other styles of design and other programs as well, including illustrator which he went on to learn and started his fascination with logo design.

  In the last few years, graphic design became more of a regular thing, and in 2016 Larone started learning calligraphy & lettering to add another string to his bow. Focusing mostly on the gothic styles of calligraphy, he dedicated the time once used for the guitar, to his new found passion.  Hours a day of practice and dedication helped to get a grasp on what it was about and as with his music, once he had a rough idea of what was going on, he started to improvise and create his own pieces.


  He continues to explore new ideas and ways to create, and more recently has been incorporating laser engravers to use on wood, and the world of 3D printers, so there's some exciting things on the horizon.




Australian guy living in

Lyon France